Schools in Warren county offer a challenging program not only intended to give students the necessary knowledge to tackle the demands of modern life but more importantly to teach the student how to learn and think coherently and creatively.

Many Private Schools and Institutes of Higher Education are also available to residents of Warren County.

Warren County Public Schools

Warren County High
240 Luray Ave., Front Royal
(540) 635-4144.
Principal: Dr. Nancie B. Lightner

Warren County Middle:

15th St., Front Royal
(540) 635-2194.
Principal: Kenneth R. Hopkins

Warren County Junior High:

155 Westminster Dr., Front Royal
(540) 636-3199
Principal: Evan Robb

A.S. Rhodes Elementary:

224 West Strasburg Road, Front Royal
(540) 635-4556.
Principal: Margaret S. Holmes

E. Wilson Morrison Elementary
40 Crescent St., Front Royal
(540) 635-4188.
Principal: Michael Casey

Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary
1015 Stonewall Drive, Front Royal
(540) 635-3125.
Principal: Brenda Ring

Ressie Jeffries Elementary
320 East Criser Road, Front Royal
(540) 636-6824.
Principal: Richard M. Westfall

Hilda J. Barbour Elementary:

290 Westminster Drive, Front Royal
(540) 636-3503.
Principal: L. Gregory Drescher

Samuels Public Library
538 Villa Avenue, Front Royal
(540) 635-3153.
Director: Barbara Ecton
Warren County School Superintendent: Pamela M. McInnis
To reach the Warren County Schools administration offices,
call (540) 635-2171 or come to 111 East Criser Road in Front Royal.
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