Located at the site where the North and South forks of the Shenandoah River meet, Warren County and Front Royal are truly the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

First explored in the 1670's, and settled in the mid 1700's, the area started out as part of Lord Fairfax's domains and was later incorporated into the county of Orange. As the region's population increased, it was split from Orange and was divided between two new counties, Frederick in the north and Augusta in the south. Today's Warren County made up an area on the borders of both and was finally incorporated as a county in its own right in 1836.

The current county government consists of a five member Board of Supervisors, representing the Shenandoah, North River, South River, Fork, and Happy Creek districts, a county administrator, various other county offices, a Sheriff's Department and Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

The Town of Front Royal is the only incorporated town in Warren County. Established in 1788, the town reorganized its government in 1870, electing its first mayor and town council. Today the council, headed by a Mayor and Vice-mayor, still governs the town, while day to day affairs are overseen by the Town Manager. The town also has a police force and assists the county in supporting the fire and rescue services.

The Town and County also cooperate in many other areas, most notably through the Front Royal - Warren County Economic Development Authority, which has the responsibility of attracting new businesses and helping businesses become established in the county's rapidly growing economy.

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